Discover another reality

Imagine being able to transform your graphics into Augmented Reality…
…to be surprised and surprise your customers with multimedia contents enabled by framing them with the smartphone’s camera!

ABC URRÀ is an iOS and Android App that allows you to view a video or anothe rmultimedia content in augmented reality on your smartphone. You just need to frame the image, gadget or logo with your camera.

Thanks to our app all you need is your logo or an image to create animations or videos in order to trigger curiosity and give information about your company or your product.



  • Choose the image or logo that will serve as a “marker”.
  • Decide what you want to communicate with the URRÀ augmented reality.
  • Rely on our graphic designers to create a video, or a gallery of images, or a short story for your company.
  • Make your clients discover a new reality!


Call to action to stay in touch with your customers

After every video or animation, URRÀ shows a final image with interactive buttons and call-to-action which make to get in touch with your company extremely easy!

  • Telephone call
  • Send an e-mail
  • Link to website
  • Link to e-commerce
  • Link to Social Media
  • Download PDF
  • Fill in forms, etc
Download ABC URRÀ from Google Play and App Store. It’s totally free!