Our examples of applications BUSINESS CARDS, CARDS, FIDELITY CARD

Transform a simple business card into a multimedia communication tool. With URRÀ the effect is amazing.

Choose to show an institutional video, a virtual tour of the company, a video-catalogue periodically updatable … And much more….

Do you want to try URRÀ?

  1. Download ABC URRÀ from Google Play or App Store for free!

  2. Launch the app and authorize the use of the camera.
  3. Click on the viewfinder framing the image prepared for use by the app and…. discover another reality!

Magnets and Turistic postcards
The souvenir comes to life in your hands to narrate, as never before, art cities and exhibitions, telling their stories through animated images or audiovisual routes.

Frame the magnet to try ABC URRÀ.

“Talking” T-Shirts and Gadgets
Imagine a t-shirt with the reproduction of a work or a graphic: framing it you can view a video, a presentation, or a slide show. Once you have seen it you will be easily connected to the company website or the official social media page.

Frame the t-shirt to try ABC URRÀ.

Our Eco-Postcards
The postcards sprout with ABC URRÀ! By framing the logo of the postcards Eco-Postcard you may discover how from a simple postcard a spice plant or beautiful flowers may be born.

Frame the logo to try ABC URRÀ.

Business Card, Multimedia Catalogues, Folders and Flyers
Brochure, flyer and all printed communication take on a new life! Thanks to our app URRÀ it is possible to add to all printed material animations or videos in order to increase the attention and curiosity of its users.

Frame the business card to try ABC URRÀ.

Urrà for art
Thanks to URRÀ’s Augmented Reality, it is possible to live any artworks’ experience at any time from your smartphone or tablet.
URRÀ for art is specifically designed for museums and galleries that want to offer their customers a new way of interacting with art through videos, insights and much more.

Frame the image to try ABC URRÀ.

Interactive Labels
The label that tells the story of the wine. URRÀ shows the story of the wine with words and images of its producer and of its company. It also can link to the map of origin, the technical description, the website or the e-commerce.

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